Our son entered this program after almost 6 years of failed treatment for mental illness and substance abuse. He had been in and out of hospitals and programs with no success of stabilization. When our don entered this program, our family had almost lost hope for him. We could tell this group was different from our first call for information. Jake was quick to respond and was able to put everything in to motion quickly. These people were able to provide the care and treatment that nobody else was able to do. These people love their jobs and love their participants in the program. They are not in this for the money and the care that is provided is top notch. My son was treated with dignity and respect from intake to graduation from the program. They even helped him get a job and housing after the program. For the first time we had hope for our son. These people are nothing less than angels and I cant say enough good things about them. Thank God for these people and what they do.

-Kristie Thompson

I went to Crownview Psychiatric Institute’s In patient program for about 7 months, and continued with their intensive outpatient program for several more months. I have a total of about 1.5 years client consistent experience with the program and their staff. From my experience, and I have ALOT not only including this place, the program is excellent to help rebuild the foundation of your life to set you up for healthy relationships with yourself, others, and work-life balance. They show you tools to navigate the highs and lows of life. I think it’s important to mention ultimately you get out what you put in. Simply speaking, if you can come with intention and merely show up in your own life by participating and commit to this, you will be a success. You get the most out of this program by being proactive in your own recovery journey. You are very well insulated and supported by the 24/7 staff. The staff I might add are DEDICATED to you. Often times we forget that they are human beings and expect perfection. News flash, nothing in this life-time will ever be perfect. You buy groceries, you wait in line. You go to the doctors office, you go to the DMV, you wait. You go to the post office, you wait. You’re driving, you hit a ride light and wait. For those bringing attention to the wait times, recovery is worth the “inconvenience” of waiting. How would you like it if you were the one speaking to the staff privately, having a justified or unjustified breakdown in their office and they just completely cut you off in the middle because they needed to see the next client IMMEDIATELY? Life happens, and it always will. Healthcare is on a individual basis hence why it is called a practice. They do their absolute best in what they can control to keep EVERYONE happy, but nothing will ever be perfect. Please do not loose sight of what you’re ultimately trying to accomplish, the big picture. I read these reviews and realize, people are giving power to the wrong things. What are you doing with what is in your control? Maximize the opportunity set before you. That is completely in your control. Don’t let temporary circumstances dictate you’re life’s focus. Crown-view Co-Institute is an excellent tool, but you have to operate the tool. I have complete appreciation for this place and their staff. The program is very well put together and I must say I can attribute the success of where I am today because of the opportunity I was met with. How you define success will ultimately be up to you, and what you do decide to do within the program to get there. Staff is great and appropriately human 🙂 I came immediately from a 3 month stay in the hospital because I had no desire to live, no hope, so much trauma, and now I am thriving in life still with the support in which they laid the foundation for. Thank you Crown-View for the space to heal, recover and grow.

-Vie Kardival

When I arrived at Crownview as a client, I was desperate and suicidal, the program helped me to save my own life, you won’t find a staff that is more caring than this one, at Crownview once family always family.

-Harry McFarland

Crownview Institute has done wonders for my son. They treat every aspect of the person, and that is not an easy job with my 21 year old son who has mental illness, addiction, and multiple medical issues. The biggest thing is that my son has stayed in treatment there instead of taking off like he has numerous other places. They have worked with my son on his impulsivity and coping skills, and he’s now clean and sober several weeks. The story isn’t finished… but I’m ever so thankful to all the clinicians and staff at Crownview for giving my adult only child hope and the will to live again.

-Michelle M.

As a therapist I’ve dealt with many complex clients with a variety of mental health disorders. After trying to find a treatment program that would take one of my clients with schizophrenia and being turned down, colleague recommended Crownview. This client had many unsuccessful treatment attempts previously

The staff at Crownview were so helpful. They are true professionals and the program offers cutting edge therapies. They never give up. I’ve sent many clients since then with positive outcomes. This place is not run by investors. The founders care and are there daily working with clients.

-Kristine Nutt

My daughter had been in and out of jail, hospitals and treatment centers for 5 yrs before she finally landed at Crownview. She was kicked out of every single place due to her behavior. Everyone fave up on her. By then we ready to give and accept the fact that she would die. By the grace of god she landed at Crownview and has been there over a year with a year sober. Crownview saw past her behaviors, they didn’t give up on her, they helped her through it and showed her love and compassion. They’ve not only taught her but literally saved her life. The staff at Crownview has gone above and beyond in so many ways. They found the right style treatment for her, helped get treatments we never thought would be available, rewarded her for good behavior and never gave up on her. They have been her guardian angels from above. Crownview got her a job, and housing after graduation. They still follow up on her and give her support. The treatment is in a residential house so she never felt like a caged animal in a hospital. She felt like a human and learned to enjoy the simple things in life again. They even teach them to cope when in the community. I can’t say enough wonderful things about the staff and program at Crownview. I know they didn’t have to do most of the things they did for my daughter. I will forever be grateful to them.