Meet Our Executive Leadership Team

  • Jeffrey Klein
    Jeffrey Klein
    Executive Director, Crownview
  • Mark Melden, DO/DABPN
    Mark Melden, DO/DABPN
    CEO/President of Crownview Psychiatric Institute
  • Barry Mannion, PsyD.
    Barry Mannion, PsyD.
  • Kenneth Gladstone
    Kenneth Gladstone
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Dr. David Sack
    Dr. David Sack
    Chairman of Psychiatry
  • Keith P. Arnold
    Keith P. Arnold
    Strategic Development Officer
  • David Buckley
    David Buckley
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Jenny Li, LPCC
    Jenny Li, LPCC
    Executive Clinical Director

Meet Our Clinical Team

Our staff members are chosen for their ability to provide you with the most advanced care possible and their dedication to delivering an extraordinary treatment experience. When you arrive at Crownview Psychiatric Institute, you will know that you are in a safe place—one of kindness, expertise, and genuine compassion for the healing process.

  • Rebecca McKnight, PsyD
    Rebecca McKnight, PsyD
  • Johanna Brubaker, AMFT
    Johanna Brubaker, AMFT
    Program Therapist
  • Jennifer Rosewall, AMFT
    Jennifer Rosewall, AMFT
    Program Therapist
  • Nicholas Angelo, LMFT
    Nicholas Angelo, LMFT
  • Christena Khattar, LPA
    Christena Khattar, LPA
  • Leo Preuss, CADC-II
    Leo Preuss, CADC-II
    AODS Counselor
  • Devyn Rodriguez
    Devyn Rodriguez
    Therapist Intern

Meet Our Administrative Support Staff

Our support staff is comprised of a closely interwoven team of professionals. They manage the institute’s operational needs, coordinating seamlessly with the therapists to provide the highest quality service to our clients. The spirit of compassion and individual care permeates the entire Crownview staff.

  • Michelle Ertel, CADC-II
    Michelle Ertel, CADC-II
    Program Director
  • Ryan Palmer
    Ryan Palmer
    Admissions Coordinator
  • Aaron Priddy, RADT
    Aaron Priddy, RADT
    Director of Admissions at CPI
  • Nikki Miller, CADC-II
    Nikki Miller, CADC-II
    Director of Operations
  • Kimberly Gilkey, RADT-1
    Kimberly Gilkey, RADT-1
    Director of Office Administration
  • Jennifer Vargas, SUDRC
    Jennifer Vargas, SUDRC
    Program Administrator
  • Melissa Martinez
    Melissa Martinez