Supportive Local Setting

Crownview Psychiatric Institute Oceanside is situated in a quiet, upscale neighborhood only a few blocks from the beach, near the downtown district, within easy walking distance from various medical, legal, and social services, including SSI. This provides our clients with ready access to the network of support agencies that help form one of the hallmarks of the Crownview approach to therapy – giving each client’s inclusive needs our full team support.

Crownview Oceanside features seven therapy offices for individual counselling and two well-appointed and well-lit group therapy rooms. There are five administrative offices to provide the highest level of professional support to the diagnostic and therapy teams. The Oceanside facility is just minutes away from our original Carlsbad location where we have an additional two therapists and two group therapy rooms.

The goal in our planning, at every stage and in every detail, was to create an inviting, comfortable experience for our clients – to make it calming, colorful and airy. We are close to a great selection of restaurants and shops. We take the security of our facilities and the safety of our clients seriously, with security cameras and an advanced alarm system.

Crownview Psychiatric Institute's supportive local setting
Crownview Psychiatric Institute's supportive local setting
Crownview Psychiatric Institute's supportive local setting


Tel: (844) 719-1315

Location: 315 N. Clementine Street, Oceanside, CA 92054

Fax: 760-231-5303

Professional Support – Caring Approach

Clinically, Crownview’s staff includes two doctoral level psychiatrists and an experienced team of highly trained and motivated psychologists and therapists. We provide high-level psychological trauma treatment that includes Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD, EMDR, and Cognitive Behavioral Trauma Therapy. We’re prepared for Crisis Prevention 24/7/365.

Therapeutically, we immerse our clients in attentive, step-by-step care, individualized to their needs and condition. We use a “skill streaming” approach, employing a broad band of medical/psychiatric, dietary, and recreational modules in custom application, which are constantly evaluated by the treatment team for their effectiveness.